My Secrets Revealed

I have been getting sooo many questions about my new bubble necklaces - the J. Crew knock-offs I wrote about here. Finally, both arrived in the mail (all the way from China), and they are gorgeous! Here I am wearing the turquoise one.

Here's the pink:

I love them both, but I plan to give one to Melina - we can trade back and forth. I love having a sister!

Now on to the big reveal - here are the sellers I bought from on ebay:

1. smilelife168 - pink
2. bisource - turquoise

I didn't pay more than $18 for my necklaces, and that included shipping, which took about a week.

I also have a friend who bought a very similar necklace on Modern Vintage Boutique, and yet another friend sent me a link to a look-alike on Etsy. I love this royal blue!

So many options - and at these prices - you can buy more than one! Oh, how we love a good deal.

- Kara


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