Face Cream Faves

I don't know if it's because I'm getting older (gasp!) or because skin care trends are changing, but I feel like face creams are the topic of conversation lately.

For the last two years or so, I've been using Oil of Olay's regenerist micro-sculpting cream  ...

$22.59 at Target
 which some magazines have claimed to rival much pricer-brands, such as  ...
$150 at Nordstrom

Most recently though, I keep hearing amazing reviews for two other face creams:

$102.95 on Amazon
And this much more affordable cream:

$20.99 at Target

Since I'm on a budget, I naturally chose the Boots No. 7 to try out next. So far, so good, but I'd love to know what you all like best? Any suggestions for a girl nearing 33?

- Kara


What Really Matters

We spend a lot of time here at Edit thinking, talking and blogging about things - new jewelry, our next trip to market, our homes, an event, what we'll be wearing to an event ... While we of course enjoy many things in life, yesterday's terrible tragedy in Boston has us focusing on what matters most - our loved ones.

Today, I spent the entire day at home with my two little girls. OK, we did go out once for Starbucks and Nora's speech lesson, but the rest of the day was spent together at home. That's pretty much a record for me! While we did a lot of catching up on laundry and cleaning, we also played princesses, made tissue paper flowers (now on display in a vase in our living room) and created more interesting pieces of art with sparkly piper cleaners (Evie, my serious/sensitive firstborn, seems a little obsessive about making religious crosses! Who knew pipe cleaners would only fuel this little interest of hers!)

We also watched a movie together, snuggled up on the couch, and when Mommy needed a quick nap, the girls were my "doctor," covering me up with blankets and checking me out head to toe - if you haven't played doctor with your children, this is a perfect opportunity to close your eyes for a good 10, sometimes 20, minutes! Although my ornery little rascal, Nora, woke me up with a few harsh jabs to the face!

The day wasn't perfect. No day ever really is, especially with two little ones only 15 months apart. But it was precious. The small bit of comfort I've been able to find in the midst of tragedies like the one is in the arms of my girls - and their dad too.

Now is definitely a time to hold your loved ones close.

All photos by Alicia Abla Studio

- Kara


Shop: Edit's New Jewelry

I am trying not to buy clothes right now. For one, I need to hold on to my money (we have several home projects in the works and summer tennis and swim lesson to pay for) ... plus, I've been working out and dieting (sigh), so I'm in between sizes. I'm trying not to buy anything unless it's the smaller of two sizes, which is definitely motivating as my friends (and poor husband) know how much I love shopping for new clothes.

Fortunately, Edit has a few new pieces of gorgeous jewelry ... shipping right this very moment to Juniper Lane! I want one of everything and keep reminding myself the goal is to SELL it all, not just WEAR it all! You'll understand when you see each piece - and they're arriving just in time for our big trunk show in St. Louis on Saturday! So a few sneak peeks ... Let us know if you'd like us to set one aside for you ...

Good friend Laura didn't let having a new baby at home derail her shopping - oh no! I already dropped off this lovely little number at her house last week. It'll look amazing with her lovely red hair and coloring!

Mint and gold link necklace, $30

Then there's this beauty of a bauble - perfect arm candy for any look!
Chunky faux pave gold bracelet, $18

My friends are huge friends of the bubble necklace trend, and who could resist this pretty shade of coral?

Coral bubble necklace and earrings, $30

I'm also in love with this bracelet - perfect with a summer tan!

Mint and gold link bracelet, $20

And a classic gold link necklace is always sophisticated and stunning ...

Chunky faux pave gold necklace, $30

Finally, another bubble necklace - this time in spring's must have mint. I know several girls whose eyes would sparkle with this necklace nearby!

Mint bubble necklace and earrings, $30

Which one is your favorite? Let us know! We're obsessed with them all and can't wait to share them with all of you!

- Kara 


Shop: In Clover's Rainy Day Sale

Just because we love all of our own merchandise at Edit doesn't mean we don't shop anywhere else. On the contrary! We love supporting other local boutiques, and of course, we're avid Gap, J. Crew and Target shoppers too.

This week, one of our favorite neighborhood boutiques is having a "rainy day sale" you won't want to miss. In Clover at 83rd and Mission in Prairie Village is offering 30% off one full-price item today through Saturday - and a free scarf with purchases of $75 and up.

Coincidentally, I stopped in yesterday to check out their selection - bestie Ashley was raving about all of their spring tops and dresses - and I was impressed! I found several items I wanted to take home, but alas, my clothing budget is a bit restricted this month. With 30% off, though, I may just be able to swing one of the cute patterned tops I picked up. Most were between $50 and $80.

Do you know of any good sales at local boutiques going on this weekend? If so, let us know! And maybe we'll see you this weekend at In Clover ... after brunch at another local favorite - Urban Table!

- Kara


Stella & Dot Look Alike

I love receiving goodies in the mail, especially when they sparkle! Edit is now carrying a new bracelet that looks almost exactly like Stella & Dot's popular renegade cluster bracelet, which is $59. Our is only $25 and  handmade by a lovely little lady in Kentucky.

Here's our bracelet:

Edit gold "renegade" bracelet: $25
And here's the one from Stella & Dot:
Stella and Dot: $59

The main difference is the professional photography and lighting - I promise!

Now let me say, I am not a Stella & Dot hater - on the contrary, I love their jewelry and actually bought the pricey S & D version and wore it almost every day for two months before it broke.

I was so heartbroken and also too stingy to fork over another $60. That's when I found my hidden gem of the South, who hand makes such a similar style ... and for so much less!

Edit has several in stock, so let us know if you'd like your own renegade bracelet at more than HALF the cost! And our shipping is much less - only $5 - or you can pick up from us in Prairie Village.

We'll try and style the bracelet with some other arm candy to show you how we'd wear it ... Stay tuned for pics. We're new at this "styling" business, especially when it means pictures of ourselves, but we know we need to at least try!

- Kara


Splurge vs. Steal Belt Bracelets

Love the adorable belt bracelets but can't stomach the $95 price tag that comes with a Michael Kors one? Edit has you covered. For just $18, you can add this cute bracelet to your already stacked wrist. Comes in cobalt, brown or black. Email us at editkc@gmail.com if you want one!
Splurge vs. Steal Belt Bracelets