We Heart Photographers

Between weddings, babies and our day jobs, we've worked with quite a few photographers. Two of our current favorites in the Kansas City area are Red Bicycle Photography and Chelsea Donoho Photography.

First up, Red Bicycle.

1. We love that they're owned by two sisters, like Melina and me.
2. One is a Pi Phi from the University of Missouri-Columbia!
3. The other sister lives next door to my best friend in Leawood.
4. They do an incredible job of capturing kids in their element - candid and so sweet.
5. They also offer mini sessions! Later this month and in early September, they're photographing families at a gorgeous fall-themed locale (top secret!) And the session fee is only $60. For those of you new to family photos, this is a great deal and, if you're like me, allows you to have family photos taken more than once a year : )

Here are two of the wonderful pics they took of my girls last year.

See, gorgeous right? Check out Red Bicycle here and book your mini session soon - I booked mine!

Another favorite photographer of ours is Miss Chelsea. Check out her work here. Here's why we love Chelsea:

1. Chelsea has a really amazing vintage style that makes everyone and everything looks so dreamy.
2. Melina first discovered Chelsea for her wedding, and she blew us away with her gorgeous photos!

3. Chelsea also captured my little one perfectly as the flower girl.

4. Chelsea gives you all the pictures on a CD for one flat fee. This makes it so nice for holiday cards, blog postings, etc.
5. Chelsea also has a great blog. Of course we love other bloggers!

So now you have our current photographer crushes. Did I mention they also took the photos for our blog - even more reasons to love them both! Let us know if you try them out for your next photo session or if you have suggestions for other photographers you can't live without. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

- Kara



  1. Cute! Lindsay was a couple years older than me so we were in the house together...

    1. Fun! She is so sweet! Have you used her for family photos? She does great work!

  2. Booked my mini session with RBP as well!