Diaper bags for Baby Bland

This is serious folks. My registeries are nearly complete, but I still have one item I can't make a decision on - the diaper bag. You may think I'm being silly, but babies and bags go hand-in-hand for me. When my niece Evie nearly stripped me of my birthday when she arrived just a few hours shy of my special day, I was gifted with Francesca, a  glorious designer handbag from Coach. She was a beauty and cost about as much as my mortgage. So now that it's time for me to push a child out of my hoo-haw, I'm thinking I shouldn't settle on just any old bag. You'll notice these are priced way better than dear old Franny because let's face it, if I'm going to be a mother, I should probably stop having my dad buy all my fancy handbags. Or we could start with child #2? Diaper bags for Baby Bland

1. Storksak 'Kate' $218; 2. MARC by Marc Jacobs Core Pretty Elizababy $298; 3. Storksak 'Olivia' $198; 4. Kate Spade Stevie $418; 5. Danzo Nylon Tote $185; 6. Danzo Hobo $295


  1. My piece of advice - something lightweight with a cross body strap! I still use that style to this day.