Luxe for Less - J. Crew vs. H & M

After the J. Crew blogger event two weeks ago, which we posted about here, I kept dreaming/fantasizing about this amazing Jules dress in snowcat, but at $188, there was no way it was coming home with me. Maybe if I'd had a really special occasion coming up ... but no, probably not even then. So you can imagine how happy I was last Saturday, when my husband and I were walking around the Country Club Plaza (without the girls - thank you Mom and Dad) and I stumbled upon this very similar dress in H & M - at only $30! I bought it just a few days later! What do you think? Was it a good swap?
Luxe for Less - J Crew vs. H & M

- Kara


  1. Sarah Harrison (from apparently obsessed) told me about your cute blog! I look forward to following. I also just got a peplum top in that same dot print from H&M...only $14.95!

  2. Thanks Melanie! Oo that top sounds cute. May have to go back and pick that one up as well!