At Edit, we do the work for you – taking all that Kansas City has to offer and editing it down to the very best and all that you’d ever need to shop, eat, nest and nurture. 
Never again will you waste time traipsing all over the metro (or sometimes the Midwest) looking for that perfect lunch spot, quirky boutique, flea market treasure or play date locale. 
We’ve been there, tried/bought that, and now we’re sharing our suggestions and experiences to save you time, money and even a little sanity.
And you can trust us – we promise! Our friends and family know we love to shop (our husbands know it best) and we’re always on the lookout for what’s new, up and coming, in style and fun.
We also have years of experience in editing – not just our own closets and busy schedules – but also as careers. And did we mention we’re family? Mea is the mom (though you’d never know it) with Kara the oldest sister and Melina the baby of the family.
A little more about us:
Melina is the true fashionista of the group. Even while pregnant (yippee, yippee), Melina is sure to sport an eclectic mix of jewelry or a funky mini dress. In addition to a baby due in January, Melina has a husband of two years and a 100-year-old house in Brookside, plus a fun and creative job doing marketing for a baby blanket business based in Overland Park. Melina started her career in public relations at an agency in New York City. Once she became an aunt, she moved to Kansas City, where she spent several years at Barkley before joining myubby and then freelancing full time.

Kara is a wife, mom of two little girls and also a writer, editor, marketing and public relations specialist. She runs her own freelance business, mostly from her home in Overland Park, Kan., but spends part of each day playing princesses, running through the sprinkler and breaking up sibling squabbles. Before becoming a mom, Kara worked as a reporter for the Kansas City Star and also managed marketing for the PKD Foundation. More recent clients include Krispy Kreme (yum), The Mission Project, Time Warner Cable and Kansas City Community Center. 
Mea is the most adorably petite mother in the world with 34 years of marriage and nearly 20 years of teaching kindergarten under her size 4 belt. Though she lives in Nixa, Mo., with her hubby and our dad, Mea grew up in Kansas City and spends many weekends in town visiting her grandchildren and her own mother, our Yiayia. Mea's closet, especially her handbag collection, is the envy of all who know her.