Bubble necklaces

If you're like me, you've been lusting after all the lovely statement or "bubble" necklaces in stores right now, like this one at J. Crew ...

... which I happened to find for about $130 cheaper on Ebay - thank you Kelly at Twenty Six East for the advice!

Last weekend, the craze over these gorgeous gems reached new proportions, when four - yes, four - of my friends all showed up to a wedding in the same necklace - and I was one of them!

Even though I prefer to be the only one sporting a new bauble, I was happy to share the spotlight that night, as I'm pretty sure my friend Laura of Elle Boutique (who I wrote about here and here), sold many more to all of the admiring wedding guests.

Today, I'm wearing another "bubble" necklace I bought months ago from Peacock Plume, lost and then re-discovered hidden in one of my clutches over the weekend.

 Do you have a bubble/statement necklace you absolutely love? If so, where did you buy yours?

- Kara



  1. Kara,
    I had no idea you had a blog!!! LOVE IT! Please keep posting great places to get great deals. I'm an idiot when it comes to finding things for less (and as you know, I'm also an idiot when it comes to fashion). Thanks for this! Keep up the good work.

    Lisa Newlin

    1. Thanks for the comment Lisa - and for reading! This is a new venture for us but fun so far. You have a blog too - I need to link to it in our blog love section. Hope you are doing well!