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No news to spill on yesterday's appointment except that I fought til the end to find out the baby's gender and Matthew didn't budge, but we are happy to share that the ultrasound looked perfect, and we have a healthy "it."

So, for the next 5 months we'll be fighting over both boy and girl names, which will continue to be interesting (read: frustrating). Matthew has a family name on his side that he's dying to use if we have a boy and I'm afraid I do as well. I won't yet reveal Matthew's must-have name, but I'd really like to use Robert as a middle name and here's why.

My dad is really proud of his name. Growing up, he'd ask all my friends to call him "Beautiful Bob." He's also known for inserting his name into songs like "Bad, Bad, Bobby (Leroy) Brown."

He had two daughters and my mom was not OK with the name Bobbie for a girl.

Kara then had two daughters and was once again, not having it.

So, while the fate of Kara having a third child hangs in the air, it's kind of up to me.

If we have a girl, Bobbie will not be the name, but if we have a boy, Robert may find it's way to the middle.

Either way (boy or girl), you can be sure that my dad will be calling that kid Bobby.

Do you have a family name you felt obligated (or wanted) to use?

- Melina


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