Birth stories

A sorority sister recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Nash, and shared her birthing story via Facebook. I was happy she did. She wrote a very detailed and beautiful post about that day, leading up to her water breaking, her time spent at home with her husband in labor, her experience at the hospital and of course, the joyous occassion of welcoming their son.

I have read a few birthing stories in the past and had never thought about doing one of my own. We still have about 20 weeks to go before we'll be welcoming our own child, but it got me thinking about how terrible I've been with documenting this pregnancy. (warning: this may mean that I'll be posting more baby/pregnancy news!)

I'd love to know if you wrote a birthing story. How did you remember all the details of the day?

Mark, new baby Evie and Kara

- Melina


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