Hale Cook Elementary

If you read this blog and live in Kansas City, you've more than likely had a conversation or two about the public schools in Kansas City. If you're not familiar, people in Kansas City either do three things. 1.) They move out of Brookside/Waldo to Kansas to attend public school. 2.) Stay put but pay for their kids to attend private or Catholic school or 3.) send their kids to an unaccredited public school anyway.

As a product of public school (in a very good Nixa school district), but also having volunteered at a KC public elementary school, I'm very torn on this issue. I want more than anything for my child to go to a neighborhood public school that we don't have to pay for, but I also really want my child to get a good education and feel safe at school. I don't think it's too much to ask for to have both. And I know I'm not alone in feeling this way.

In fact, a group of very dedicated neighbors and parents are actually doing something about it (and shockingly not moving to Kansas!)

Hale Cook Elementary closed in 2009 as a product of our diminishing school district and now, this group of parents are trying their hardest to reopen the school. I've just learned about their initiative and in the early stages of getting involved, but I couldn't be more excited for this opportunity.

If you live in the Waldo/Brookside neighborhood, I urge you to check out their movement and take their feasibility survey.

The answer to our crumbling school district is not to put your up house for sale or pay a high tuition to get your child a better education. I wholeheartedly believe we must stay put and get involved in our local schools.

- Melina


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  1. this is so great to hear! i forwarded this post on to some kc friends.