Choosing Childcare

This has to be one of the toughest decisions. Deciding who will take care of your little one - for one hour, let alone an entire day ...  sometimes five full days a week!

When we had Evie, I went back to work after three months of maternity leave. Fortunately, my husband was home for the summer (yay teacher schedules) and was able to watch her for anther six weeks. Then Melina, who was home from New York City but hadn't started a new job yet, pitched in, becoming a stand-in Mommy for a few weeks. Poor thing was ready to start that job at Barkley!

After six months, we finally had to start Miss Evie in day care. It was traumatic. I never imagined I'd be the that Mom, the one who just. won't. leave. Honestly, I was at least an hour late to work every day. And I actually loved Evie's school! It was amazing. It was me who had the problem.

Evie at six months around the time she started at Berkley

After three months and a shocking discovery that we were expecting yet again (Evie was only seven months at the time!), I managed to start working from home. Once Nora was born, I quit altogether and started freelancing exclusively.

So while I worked many nights and weekends when Mark was home watching the girls, I also decided to send Evie to mother's day out two days a week and hire a nanny for Nora one of those days.

Evie's first day of mother's day out
First day of early preschool

Once Nora turned 18 months old, she started mother's day out too, and now both girls go two days a week from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., leaving Mommy two solid days of working without one of the girls doing my hair, which is what is happening right now if you're wondering ... keeps them occupied for a good 30 minutes!

Nora's first day of mother's day out and Evie's first day of preschool

Over the last four years, Evie has been at three schools and Nora at one, and we've had numerous nannies/babysitters, many of them family or good family friends. For so many of us moms - working or not - finding that perfect child care option, mother's day out or preschool is one of the most stressful decisions. I know I've second guessed myself time and time again, but at the end of the day, I've loved all of my girls' schools, so let me share:
Although we've never attended, I've also heard wonderful things about the following schools:
I don't know if this list helps, but I know I appreciated all the suggestions/advice I received on choosing child care ... and as moms, we have to help each other as much as possible. Do you have any schools to add to the list?

- Kara


  1. We are starting a new school next week for Pre-K - Ward Parkway Presbyterian. Very excited for school! We had gone to Country Club Christian for about 3 years, ever since we moved here from Chicago.

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    2. Exciting! Where will your son go to kindergarten? Can you believe it's only a year away?!

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    1. Thanks for commenting David, and we're glad you like the blog!