Meet Pimento "Pim"

She's cute right? This is what happens when you've reached your empty-nester breaking point. The first five years or so after your kids are gone are pure bliss. Then, you suddenly find yourself shopping every weekend, frequently annoyed by your husband, and then desperation creeps into your life and - you get a puppy.

Pim is cute but Pim is terrible. We're (I'M) frequently up with her several times each night and it takes an entire village to wear her out. She chews on anything of value and has attacked me from behind on more than one occasion.

I often joke with my youngest daughter Melina that pretty soon we'll be able to call each other at 4 a.m. while she's feeding her newborn, and I'm up letting out that damn puppy.

But just like a newborn can drive you crazy, I wouldn't trade Pim for the world. I may not have as much energy as I did when I raised my daughters, but Pim is already proving to be just as fun and loyal as Kara and Melina. She's my go-to girl for morning Starbucks runs and quick trips to the Dillards shoe department, and hey, if my daugthers won't move back in with us, I guess this is second best.

I look forward to sharing more stories about how she chewed on the bed, wrestles with our cat, Cheese, and drags random items out of our neighbor's garage.

Promise to be back with more Pim!

- Mea


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