Tuesday Teaser: Must-Have Blouse

This is the most exciting post I've written - I can't believe we're actually starting our own boutique. No, we don't have a huge storefront, but still ... it's a dream come true.

Most of the items we purchased at market are being shipped to us, but we did manage to bring home this blouse in two different color combos:

Must-Have Blouse in black, $38

Must-Have Blouse in red, $38

Mom and I both tried this on and loved it! (Melina wishes she could wear it but not with that growing baby bump!)

The black and white looks amazing with colored jeans - I have a pair of cobalt ones I'm planning to wear it with, while the red and camel is perfect with denim. Both shirts can be dressed up and worn under a blazer for work or worn on their own.  They do need camis underneath as they're sheer and a bit sexy!

These blouses do run true to size and even work for those of us who normally don't do button-ups (ME). I tried on the large and had plenty of room. Seriously, we're not going to sell anything here that doesn't work for all of us!

The price is $38 and includes shipping. To order, email us at editkc@gmail.com. We only have a few of these in each color, so if you're interested in making your first ever purchase from Edit, let us know! How exciting!
- Kara

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  1. suuuper cute! i love the black and white. i wish i had colored jeans!! great first item!