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We have another little Springfield/Nixa treasure for you. I happened upon Inspirational Home not too long ago and since then have taken Melina and several friends to check it out. It's one of my favorite places for unique home accessories and gifts. It's such a beautiful and different shop nestled into the gorgeous Galloway Village that we just had to highlight it here on Edit. Here's my Q & A with shop owner, Debra.

1.) What or who inspired you to open your business.

I  guess you could say my friends and sister were the ones who kept on me to open the store because of things I made and homes I decorated in the years before opening.

2. Your store is fabulous, do you have a favorite part of it? 
My favorite part of the store is the setting and the history it has, and I love being along the hiking trail.

3.) Do you have a favorite item in the store? 
This is a hard question for me because so many items that I carry are things that I LOVE and many things are tested before they hit my shelves. My goats milk soaps are one thing I couldn't live without. If you haven't tried one, you must!

4.) Where do you find your inspiration?
Everyday nature and magazines.

5.) Your ribbon display is stunning. How did you come up with that?
I love ribbons that are unique, and I remember once going into a favorite store of mine and seeing an old cool shabby cabinet filled to the top with old ribbons and trims, that was my inspiration!

Our personal favorite part of the store, the ribbons!

6.) Your store is a little off the beaten path, any marketing ideas you'd like to share?
WORD OF MOUTH marketing is definitely the best. I haven't had any success with advertising.

- Mea


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