Chipotle (and I) love our Farmers

We don't hit up our local farmer's market nearly as much as we should (ok, maybe a few times a year), but I was determined to go to the Brookside Farmer's Market this past Saturday. And here's my confession: my reason for wanting to go so badly was because I heard on Facebook that Chipotle would be giving away $10 tokens to the first 250 people.

And when they said "tokens" I thought it meant gift cards to Chipotle.

Honestly, I'm an idiot. I should have known that Chipotle would do something even cooler than give away their own food. The $10 tokens were FOR THE MARKET. (Doi!) Once I figured out what was going on (took awhile), I couldn't get over what a neat concept it was. Thanks Chipotle for all the yummy grub we brought back with us!

Do you have a farmer's market you love? I've heard the Downtown Overland Park one is great, but we haven't been yet!

- Melina



  1. So glad that Chipotle "coaxed" you into getting to the Farmer's Market!! I'd love to hear what you did with your buys :)