Coolest bed EVER

Last week the three of us were over at my aunt and uncle's house celebrating Yiayia's 81st birthday, and we wandered into my cousin Savanna's room. And look at what we found . . . 

Her bed puts bunk beds to SHAME. Seriously, how cool is this? You won't find this at Ikea or any department store. This is a one-of-a-kind "aren't I lucky that my dad can build stuff" custom made bed. It has built in stairs, a trap door, shag carpeting, oh and this fabulous little nook for you know, just hanging and watching movies. I'm totally jealous.

Here's the lucky lady Savanna enjoying her TV nook and cuddly ubby blanket with her cousin Evie. Oh wouldn't you die to have a little hideaway like that? Way jealous.

Another shot of the bed because it's just so damn cool.

Savanna, can I come over and play?

- Melina


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