Manly Diaper Bags

Since he met me, my husband's taste in clothes has dramatically improved. Meaning he got some, and now I'm beginning to think I created a monster. When I told him he needed to start looking for some "manly diaper bags," he came back with $500 leather briefcases! So, here's my collection of some more affordable, but still hipster, looks for my man.Untitled #14

Jack spade bag

Future Baby Bland

Future Baby Bland

Future Baby Bland


Lululemon Advice

I have a few friends out there (you know who you are) who swear by lululemon and have even considered buying their underwear ... maybe they already have.

Always worried about the bottom line, I've never even stepped into a lululemon, fearing the $50+ price tags for what appears to be a simple tank, but ... I think I'm starting to cave. I've started dreaming of a glorious workout wardrobe boasting little lululemon symbols ... and maybe hoping a new look will bring new motivation!

What finally sent me over the edge though was receiving a gift card for my birthday from one of my lulu-loving besties (who is also a yoga instructor and therefore has earned the right to spend gobs of money on workout attire).

Now the only problem - what to buy? Here's where I need your help! If I'm going to invest - and, to me, this does feel like a real investment (am I being silly?), then I want to make sure I pick out something really great!

Here's what I'm considering:

In Stride jacket, $108

I like the cobalt above but also these two:

And there's this classic scoop tank I see all the time (ok, every once in a while when I actually go) at the gym. It's also known for great support on top (which you know I need!):

Scoop neck tank, $52

What do you think? Am I missing anything amazing? What should be my first lululemon purchase? Weigh in soon - I hope to go shopping this week!

- Kara


Dad sends son's toy train into space

Have you seen this video? It will seriously melt your heart.


My favorite non-maternity dress

I've been pretty vocal about how much I love dressing my bump, but I've been going back and forth on how much actual maternity wear to buy. People tell me to just go up a size in tops instead of getting maternity clothes that I won't wear again, but then I think I eventually (hopefully) won't be able to wear those larger size tops in the future too, so it's kind of a no-win.

So, I've been trying to find dresses and tops that I can get in my normal size but still work with a growing bump. It's been a little difficult, but then I found this dress a few weeks ago. I've already worn it a ton, so I went back this weekend to get it in a different color. It's SO cute and versatile, and I know I'll wear it post-baby. Oh, and it's 19.99. Gotta love Old Navy.

- Melina



Time Warner Blogger Event Recap

Last Friday, the hubs and I hit up the Time Warner Cable's VIP Blogger Event orchestrated by Kara, and it was such a nice addition to your typical chaotic Plaza Art Fair. As a Presenting Sponsor of the Art Fair, Time Warner had wireless hot spots throughout the Plaza, so people could connect to wifi throughout the entire event weekend.

We first arrived with a prime parking spot because of our VIP parking pass - thanks Time Warner! Seasons 52 catered the event and had some yummy appetizers, desserts and complimentary wine and beer. They also gifted all the bloggers with two wine glasses!

yummy desserts

I had a great time meeting new KC bloggers and lounging around on the comfy sofas before it was time to walk miles through the Art Fair.

In addition to a swag bag, Time Warner also did a $200 Plaza Art Fair giveaway (didn't win!) and had a tweet and go seek game with tiles hidden throughout the Plaza worth various denominations in Plaza gift cards, which I thought was a great idea.

I thought it was one of the better blogger events I have been to and look forward to Time Warner (hopefully) doing it again next year.

Kara and I

almost 26 weeks!

I think this kid had a good time.

best seat in the house!



For You Foodies

Unfortunately, none of us are great chefs. We try, we really do, and I'd say we each have a speciality or two, but we're definitely not what you'd call foodies. We like to eat out and enjoy other people's tasty treats, but if you're looking for daily recipes, Edit may be lacking.

Now my sister-in-law Elizabeth, on the other hand, is a dietitian and fresh food connoisseur, and her blog is where you need to go.

She posts great healthy recipes and has tons of accolades and partnerships after only about a year of blogging - Cooking Light, Daily Food Buzz, Top Food Blogs at RecipesUS.com, etc. Most recently, she was one of Today's Top 9 blogs on DailyBuzz Food.

Check out her blog and let us know if you have other good (nutritious) food blogs we should start following. I'm trying to cook more healthy meals at home and need some inspiration!

- Kara

Another nursery update

We've finally made some progress on Baby Bland's nursery! I didn't think we'd ever get this room started. Once the contractor finished up some of the work, we were able to get in there and get moving! Matthew's mom was in town for a week and painted the entire room (thank you!), and Matthew painted the ceiling while I was in Vegas.

bad picture - sorry. We went with Bubbles by Sherwin-Williams.

In addition to being a great painter, my mother-in-law is also a whiz with a sewing machine. She created this adorable seat cushion for our Ikea shelf, in addition to the chevron and polka dot pillows. The dog pillow is from here.

We're going to put a few baskets in the shelf for toys and then leave a few open for books. The main floor of our home is filled with built-in window seats, so I'm really excited about incorporating that look into the baby's room.

And since I hit the jackpot in Vegas, I bought this light fixture for the room. I love the whimsical look of it without being too childish. I think it works great as a "crown" for a boy and a "tiara" for a little girl. We shall see!

- Melina



Time Warner Cable Blogger Event at Plaza Art Fair

image courtesy of The Purple Carrot

September is one of my favorite months of the year. Not only is the weather FINALLY cooling down, but two of my all-time, never-miss events are this month. The already-attended Greek Festival and the Plaza Art Fair.

The Plaza Art Fair will always hold a special place in my heart because it was Matthew and I's very first date four years ago (cue the "ahhs).

We're going back again this Friday night because Edit was invited to Time Warner Cable's VIP Blogger Event! As long time Time Warner internet customers (we got rid of cable to save $$), I'm excited to see and experience all the new services. There has been lots of GOOGLE talk around these parts, so it's nice to see TWC presence at such a highly-attended event.

In addition to experiencing some new TWC stuff, there will also be complimentary food, beer and wine from Seasons 52, which I have yet to try!

Oh and maybe one of the BEST perks of this event is the VIP parking. If you've been to the Art Fair before you know parking is a nightmare! A little birdie also told me they have places to sit (a necessity for me!) and nice bathrooms (it's the little things...).

TWC has other things going on for the general public all weekend including giveaway items, face painting, photo opps and much more. The tent is located on Broadway just north of Nichols.

Hope to see you there!

*Full disclosure: Kara is employed by Time Warner Cable and helping with the event this weekend (all weekend - poor thing!). Melina is just benefiting from her hard work!

- Melina



Diaper bag search is O-V-E-R

I'll be unwrapping this beauty at my Nixa baby shower next weekend. Isn't it lovely? Thanks Mom and Dad!

Kate Spade Stevie Baby Bag

- Melina


You're Invited: Edit trunk shows

On Tuesdays, we've been teasing you with a few items from the Edit boutique, and now we're excited to announce we have two trunk shows scheduled this fall! A few of our friends are hosting these shopping events in Kansas City and Overland Park on Saturday, October 6 at 10 a.m. and Sunday, October 7 at 2 p.m.

If you are interested in shopping at the Edit trunk show, please email us at editkc@gmail.com, and we'll provide you with more details.

- Melina



Preggers in Las Vegas

This past weekend, my belly and I joined up with my parents and my aunt and uncle to celebrate my favorite twins' birthday - Laura and Connor turned 21!

I still remember visiting them in the hospital when they were born. Laura only weighed 1.5 lbs and looked like a very tiny frog!

Now that you have that odd visual in your head, back to Vegas!

We got in Friday afternoon and joined the group for dinner at a favorite of theirs, Mon Ami Gabi inside Paris. It was amazing. In true Melina form, I ate my food before I couldn't remember to take a picture, but I had a wonderful tomato salad and a huge bowl of mussels. The restaurant is known for their steak frites, which is what Laura, my aunt Kathy and dad all had. Everyone finished their meal off with a few stolen bites of profiteroles courtesy of the birthday kids.
loved his outfit - all J.Crew
birthday twins

dressed up for dinner
We ended the first night downtown to show the twins some of the older casinos, including the Golden Nugget.

Saturday, we spent the day shopping at Caesars Palace and hit up our pool at the Rio. It was a nice, relaxing day. That night, we got ready for another scrumptious dinner, this time off the strip at Ferraros.  

And this dinner was to.die.for. Laura and I got the bucatini carbonara pasta and it was insane. I've never had better carbonara in my life. It was one of those meals that's so delicious that you can't decide what's more painful, leaving some on your plate or finishing those last bites even when you're ridiculously full. Again, no pictures, but a photo wouldn't do it justice. I highly recommend this place!

Then it was off to MGM Grand to catch the Cirque de Soleil show, KA. The show was amazing. It was my first Cirque de Soleil performance, and I loved it. The set and acrobats were just too cool. I was entertained the entire time, and our fourth row seats didn't hurt either!

at MGM Grand

We had a short but fantastic weekend. Oh and if you're wondering if anyone won big - I got lucky on one of the slots at the end of Saturday night and won $400. I said all weekend that I just wanted to win enough money to buy this light fixture for the nursery, and I did!

Thank you twins for letting me join in on your birthday fun. Looking forward to having some serious cocktails with you once this baby is born.

Love you guys! xoxo

- Melina


What to Watch

As you know, I'm loving Downton Abbey, but at this rate, I'll be done with season 2 in a week! That means my "regular" network shows better hurry up and make an appearance. I did a little digging to find out the premiere schedules and here's what I found ... Am I missing anything? Let me know!

Tuesday, September 25: Private Practice at 9 p.m. central on ABC ... Isn't Addison gorgeous? Am I the only one who still loves this show?

Thursday, September 27: Grey's Anatomy at 8 p.m. central on ABC ... still one of my favorites!

Sunday, September 30: Revenge at 8 p.m. central on ABC ... Love all the filthy rich drama - so nothing like my life!

Wednesday, October 10: Nashville at 9 p.m. central on ABC ... In honor of good friends Tara and Jamie, I'll give this one a try.

Thursday, October 11: Vampire Diaries at 7 p.m. central on the CW ... Surely you all can appreciate my absolute obsession with these Salvatore brothers!

I love ending this post with photos of these two. If you haven't watched Vampire Diaries, I highly recommend it. No, it will not make your smarter. But it will make you happier. Promise!

- Kara


Have a great weekend!

No time for a big post ... getting ready for two baby showers this weekend with besties from Nashville, Denver and California! Melina and Mom are on their way to Vegas for our twin cousins' 21st birthdays ... so wishing you a wonderful weekend! The weather (in KC at least) looks gorgeous!!

- Kara


Work/Fun: Plaza Art Fair

We don't just blog and shop, you know. All three of us have jobs too. Mom is a teacher, and Melina and I are both writers and also work on our own and together on public relations, special events, social media and marketing (joint website coming soon!)

One of my big projects right now is a Time Warner Cable sponsorship/event at the 81st Annual Plaza Art Fair - one of my all-time favorite Kansas City events, coming up September 21-23.

I can't reveal everything just yet, but I will be there all weekend - will you? Come and join me!

In addition to the Plaza Art Fair, I have been busy, busy, busy with several other fun projects, trying to pitch and win new business, blogging and planning our first trunk shows in early October!

Yes, I have started my 32nd year in a bit of a juggling act - but it's all very exciting, and I couldn't be more blessed to have a challenging (and rewarding) career - in addition to my ever-so-chaotic but absolutely lovely family life.

Lovely except when your younger daughter (who is all dolled up in an adorable new outfit) jumps in a mud puddle less than five minutes before your long-awaited photo shoot ... Another story, another time : )

Despite how manic my life sometimes feels, I do try and find ways to relax,  once the girls have gone to bed and I've hidden my phone far from reach. There's the wine that somehow always finds its way into a glass ... and my new guilty pleasure - Downton Abbey! Just finished season 1 tonight (love Mr. Bates!) and waiting on bestie Magie to start season 2. Anyone want to join us? It's so addictive!

What is your work life like? How do you unwind after a crazy day of family and work? We love to hear from you - and need to share some tips for Melina who is about to embark on the juggling act of motherhood!

- Kara


Dressing my belly

Kara and I were in the car the other day talking about outfits. (Shocking) I was gushing about how much I love to dress my growing bump in tight-fitting clothes, and she brought up an interesting theory.

If your body is naturally curvy (pre pregnancy), once you do become pregnant, you tend to gravitate towards tighter clothes because you feel sexier. See, when you're used to having a few extra lbs, you don't freak out as much as you start gaining your pregnancy weight - in fact - you embrace it. For once, the majority of your weight is in one area of your body (and if you're lucky - sticking out front rather than to all sides!). You feel empowered.

Whereas, if you're used to being pretty thin, you don't feel as comfortable with the added weight and would rather dress your body in loose-fitting clothes to disguise the change in your appearance.

Now, neither Kara and I would put ourselves in the "pretty thin" category, so this argument could be biased, but we're curious - what do you think of this theory?

Do curvy women tend to wear tighter clothes during their pregnancy because they are more comfortable with their bodies?

Oh, and happy 6 months to me. Only 16 more weeks left to go!

- Melina