Work/Fun: Plaza Art Fair

We don't just blog and shop, you know. All three of us have jobs too. Mom is a teacher, and Melina and I are both writers and also work on our own and together on public relations, special events, social media and marketing (joint website coming soon!)

One of my big projects right now is a Time Warner Cable sponsorship/event at the 81st Annual Plaza Art Fair - one of my all-time favorite Kansas City events, coming up September 21-23.

I can't reveal everything just yet, but I will be there all weekend - will you? Come and join me!

In addition to the Plaza Art Fair, I have been busy, busy, busy with several other fun projects, trying to pitch and win new business, blogging and planning our first trunk shows in early October!

Yes, I have started my 32nd year in a bit of a juggling act - but it's all very exciting, and I couldn't be more blessed to have a challenging (and rewarding) career - in addition to my ever-so-chaotic but absolutely lovely family life.

Lovely except when your younger daughter (who is all dolled up in an adorable new outfit) jumps in a mud puddle less than five minutes before your long-awaited photo shoot ... Another story, another time : )

Despite how manic my life sometimes feels, I do try and find ways to relax,  once the girls have gone to bed and I've hidden my phone far from reach. There's the wine that somehow always finds its way into a glass ... and my new guilty pleasure - Downton Abbey! Just finished season 1 tonight (love Mr. Bates!) and waiting on bestie Magie to start season 2. Anyone want to join us? It's so addictive!

What is your work life like? How do you unwind after a crazy day of family and work? We love to hear from you - and need to share some tips for Melina who is about to embark on the juggling act of motherhood!

- Kara

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  1. I totally get where you are coming from (minus the children aspect.) I work in the PR industry and it can be CRAZY at times, actually most of the time. But, a very rewarding industry! Plus, blogging on top of it all. :)

    xo Kat