Birthday Boots

My Dad and I have started a very lovely birthday tradition - shoe shopping at Nordstrom! You may recall I blogged about all the gorgeous shoes I was coveting for fall here ... well, Dad came through with an impromptu shopping trip for my birthday (32 ... gasp!), and here's what I came home with: 
Jessica Simpson Esteem boot
I thought about and even tried on the much pricer Fryes, but honestly, they didn't fit as well, and I just couldn't handle the $300+ price tag, even with someone else buying. I love these Jessica Simpson boots, and the two-tone toe looks really cool. Plus, since I opted for a more reasonably priced boot, I also picked up a new pair of tennis shoes:

Nike LunarEclipse2

Now I've only been running/walking about four times in the last two weeks, but that's four more times than all summer combined, so maybe I'm on to something? Let's hope!

Do you have any fun birthday traditions like shoe shopping with your Dad? If so, share!

- Kara

P.S. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Yesterday was lovely!

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  1. super cute! last year for my bday i was like, "i'm totally treating myself!" and ordered frye's from piperlime. i ordered two styles in two sizes each bc i knew i could return them free shipping. none of them fit! besides the leather smelling amazing, i was so disappointed! i think my boots are bcbg and were a third and fifth cheaper than the two fryes and way more comfortable and actually cute. i love when the splurge ends up not being worth it. p.s. and j. simps has cute shoes! nice job!!