My favorite non-maternity dress

I've been pretty vocal about how much I love dressing my bump, but I've been going back and forth on how much actual maternity wear to buy. People tell me to just go up a size in tops instead of getting maternity clothes that I won't wear again, but then I think I eventually (hopefully) won't be able to wear those larger size tops in the future too, so it's kind of a no-win.

So, I've been trying to find dresses and tops that I can get in my normal size but still work with a growing bump. It's been a little difficult, but then I found this dress a few weeks ago. I've already worn it a ton, so I went back this weekend to get it in a different color. It's SO cute and versatile, and I know I'll wear it post-baby. Oh, and it's 19.99. Gotta love Old Navy.

- Melina


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