Koukla is a Greek word for cute girl - and I am very fortunate to have two! Last weekend, my oldest Koukla, Evie, made her Greek dancing debut at our church's annual Greek Festival. Check out our Greek goddess:

Beginning of the weekend

Final performance - with red lipstick courtesy of Aunt Melina

Her little dance troupe did a great job with six performances over the weekend!

Evie with friends Eleni and Stella

Evie introducing herself to the crowd of hundreds!

Evie's dance troupe - don't you love the boys' costumes?!

Nora was very disappointed to be left out of Greek dancing (you have to be 4), at one point screaming through her tears: "If they won't let me dance, I'll do it by myself." And so she did. Not sure where she got the hands-on-the-hips move, but it was a repeat performance.

We were also very lucky to have so many friends come to visit us at the festival to see Evie dance - and enjoy the amazing food of course. We didn't take any food photos - we ate everything too fast - but our post from last week describes the decadent menu with photos too. 
Yiayia and Papou were also in town over the weekend, so we managed to snap a few fun family pics.

The Edit girls with our girls at the very end of a long day!
Nora snacking on a pita with her cousin Savanna
As you can imagine from all the photos, we left the Greek Festival each night very full and very tired. Thanks to Papou, the girls enjoyed nice valet service.

We hope you you made it out to the Greek Festival too. If not, join us next year. It's always the weekend after Labor Day - right around my birthday (which is tomorrow!!)

- Kara

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