For You Foodies

Unfortunately, none of us are great chefs. We try, we really do, and I'd say we each have a speciality or two, but we're definitely not what you'd call foodies. We like to eat out and enjoy other people's tasty treats, but if you're looking for daily recipes, Edit may be lacking.

Now my sister-in-law Elizabeth, on the other hand, is a dietitian and fresh food connoisseur, and her blog is where you need to go.

She posts great healthy recipes and has tons of accolades and partnerships after only about a year of blogging - Cooking Light, Daily Food Buzz, Top Food Blogs at RecipesUS.com, etc. Most recently, she was one of Today's Top 9 blogs on DailyBuzz Food.

Check out her blog and let us know if you have other good (nutritious) food blogs we should start following. I'm trying to cook more healthy meals at home and need some inspiration!

- Kara

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