Dressing my belly

Kara and I were in the car the other day talking about outfits. (Shocking) I was gushing about how much I love to dress my growing bump in tight-fitting clothes, and she brought up an interesting theory.

If your body is naturally curvy (pre pregnancy), once you do become pregnant, you tend to gravitate towards tighter clothes because you feel sexier. See, when you're used to having a few extra lbs, you don't freak out as much as you start gaining your pregnancy weight - in fact - you embrace it. For once, the majority of your weight is in one area of your body (and if you're lucky - sticking out front rather than to all sides!). You feel empowered.

Whereas, if you're used to being pretty thin, you don't feel as comfortable with the added weight and would rather dress your body in loose-fitting clothes to disguise the change in your appearance.

Now, neither Kara and I would put ourselves in the "pretty thin" category, so this argument could be biased, but we're curious - what do you think of this theory?

Do curvy women tend to wear tighter clothes during their pregnancy because they are more comfortable with their bodies?

Oh, and happy 6 months to me. Only 16 more weeks left to go!

- Melina



  1. actually, i would think opposite! i would think skinny people might know they still look great and wear tight clothes to show off curves they didn't used to have. while bigger people might be like, "omg! i'm even bigger!" and look frumpier trying to cover it up???? i also feel that since rachel was pregnant on friends, she totally made dressing tighter look cute. before her, the style was much more mu-mu! that's my opinion! :)

  2. i hear ya ladies! i have never felt sexier in my life then when i was pregnant! i loved and fully embraced by beach ball belly and refused to give up my stilettos on into my 9th month! :) i need to bring back some of my healthier habits from my pregnancy - because i honestly don't remember a time when i felt healthier or had better skin & hair!