Lululemon Advice

I have a few friends out there (you know who you are) who swear by lululemon and have even considered buying their underwear ... maybe they already have.

Always worried about the bottom line, I've never even stepped into a lululemon, fearing the $50+ price tags for what appears to be a simple tank, but ... I think I'm starting to cave. I've started dreaming of a glorious workout wardrobe boasting little lululemon symbols ... and maybe hoping a new look will bring new motivation!

What finally sent me over the edge though was receiving a gift card for my birthday from one of my lulu-loving besties (who is also a yoga instructor and therefore has earned the right to spend gobs of money on workout attire).

Now the only problem - what to buy? Here's where I need your help! If I'm going to invest - and, to me, this does feel like a real investment (am I being silly?), then I want to make sure I pick out something really great!

Here's what I'm considering:

In Stride jacket, $108

I like the cobalt above but also these two:

And there's this classic scoop tank I see all the time (ok, every once in a while when I actually go) at the gym. It's also known for great support on top (which you know I need!):

Scoop neck tank, $52

What do you think? Am I missing anything amazing? What should be my first lululemon purchase? Weigh in soon - I hope to go shopping this week!

- Kara


  1. Ha! Totally love the Lulu. Your picks are perfect - add the Groove Pants to you list. It really is worth the money but be sure to take care of it - wash seperately, air dry. Check out luluaddict.blogspot.com - she has a page on her blog listing all the "basics" a newbie needs.

  2. My lulu jacket was one of my 1st and is still one of my favorites. I do love the scoop neck top but I say splurge on the jacket!