Before and After: Baby Bland's dresser

Just like I promised last week, this weekend was all about Baby Bland. And yes, it took us about three days to accomplish just one project - anything requiring tools is not a skill that either my husband or me were blessed with.

But let's get back to our project because it turned out a success!

You might recall me explaining that this dresser was given to us by Matthew's mother. It was in his grandmother's house before she passed away a little over a year ago. It's definitely nice to have something of his grandmom's in our baby's nursery. She was lovely.

Here's the before shot.

We had a nice blank slate to work with.

And here's the After shot.

Not bad, eh? It wasn't rocket science, but I do believe it's the first time we've ever sanded and repainted a piece of furniture! For paint color, we chose Serious Gray by Sherwin-Williams. It looks a little blue in the photo, but it's pretty gray in person. I purchased the knobs from World Market. They were just as cute as the Anthropologie knobs and about half the price.

Oh and if you're wondering where the dresser is in the photo? Still sitting in our den with the rest of our baby paraphernalia since our contractor is STILL.NOT.HERE.

- Melina


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