Product Praise

I don't have too many opinions on beauty products - I typically buy mine at Target, ever mindful of the price tag. I've never been so in love with a product that I took the time to write a review or even make a real effort to tell my friends about it, but all that has changed. I've found my new favorite shampoo and conditioner, and I want the world to know all about it!

CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY's shampoo and conditioner  (purchased at the Ward Parkway Target for about $10) are absolutely amazing. My scalp has been itchy and dry lately - no visible flakes - but I'm always worried they'll appear at the worst possible moment.  I recently saw a commercial with Heidi Klum and, swayed by her gorgeous locks, decided to give the new suds a try.

I have been so impressed. I don't usually notice a huge difference from one shampoo to another, but with this combo, my hair feels super soft and full of body, plus my itchy scalp is gone - all in about a week.

According to the product's Facebook page, "CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY is a breakthrough approach to haircare that starts with scalp nourishment and creates the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair for women in 7 days."

Supposedly, 99% of hair’s natural strength and beauty comes from the scalp - who knew?

The company goes on to say the product is "infused with Nutrium 10™, a rich blend of vitamins and nutrients, and deeply nourishes the scalp. You’re always looking for the next big thing. And, now you’ve found it. Ladies, the search for great hair is over."

I happen to agree!

- Kara

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