Eat: Beer Kitchen

If you haven't been down to Westport in awhile, you've been missing out on a ton of new and very good restaurants. With the fairly recent additions of The Boot and Port Fonda, joining the always tasty Westport Cafe, Murray's Ice Cream and one of my personal favorites, Beer Kitchen.

I've been to Beer Kitchen a few times, usually for a late-night bite to eat, but this time I tried their lunch and it was fantastic.

Continuing the trend in over indulging myself, I tried the made-to-order mac n cheese with my choice of peas and shitake mushrooms.

Yum. I'm a lover of all mac n cheese. I can find the beauty in everything from Kraft to homemade and this mac n cheese was one of my favorites. It wasn't too rich that you couldn't have more than a few bites, but it had just the right amount of cheese and crunchy breadcrumbs. Oh and if you're wondering if peas were a good addition - YES.

Matthew had the fish and chips and loved his as well. The fish was buttery and the serving just right.

I also must mention that the service was great. We went right at lunchtime and had no trouble getting a table and getting in and out in under an hour. If you haven't given Beer Kitchen a try, I hope you do soon!

- Melina


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