Pinch Me

I. AM. SO. EXCITED! Tomorrow, I'm meeting two of my favorite interior designers and (in my eyes) drool-worthy celebs - Jonathan Adler and Genevieve Gorder!

They are coming to Kansas City for a patrons party sponsored by Time Warner Cable (my client) and benefiting Kansas City's Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art ... and I'll be with them for several hours. Pinch me!

So, in case you need a refresher:

Iconic potter, designer, author, and personality, Jonathan Adler is dedicated to bringing style,
craft and joy to your home.Adler launched his first ceramic collection in 1994 at Barneys New York. Five years later he expanded into home furnishings, opening his first namesake boutique in Manhattan. Jonathan Adler now has over 20 stores worldwide, a thriving e-commerce site, and
a wholesale business boasting more than 1,000 locations globally.

HGTV Design Star judge Genevieve Gorder’s unmistakable style and enthusiasm have made her one of America's favorite interior designers. Finding inspiration and beauty in everyday life, Genevieve applies her soulful and whimsical style to transform the interiors of homes around the world and on her HGTV series, Dear Genevieve.

In addition to their obvious stardom, my reasons for loving both of these designers are somewhat personal.

I absolutely love all of Jonathan Adler's furniture and accessories - walking into one of his stores is a true visual treat! Unfortunately, I don't have a huge decorating budget, so I currently own one plate and one bowl - both in a beautiful blue and white Greek key design. In fact, I made it a goal a few years ago on my 30th birthday when I made my first true Jonathan Adler purchase to buy at least one item at every store I visit. So now I've been to stores in Chicago and Minneapolis ... it's a slow process : )

Now on to Genevieve. Many of you may know, I've received many celeb look-alike comparisons over the years. The most unfortunate is Barbara Streisand. Need I say more? The most positive ... Jennifer Aniston - I swear my friend Anne is smoking crack. But the most believable (at least to me) is Genevieve. Ever since I graduated from college in 2002, I've received one or two "You look like Genevieve" comments a year. These I welcome with open arms! I love Genevieve, and I think she's gorgeous! I've been watching her since her "Trading Spaces" days and was so happy when she showed up on HGTV several years ago.

So now you know why I'm so thrilled to be meeting both Jonathan and Genevieve (yes, we're on a first names basis now!) I'll be sure to post pics after Thursday night's event.

Now on to figuring out what I'm going to wear!!

- Kara


  1. omg - how awesome!!! i would be totally geeking out! can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. awesome! awesome! awesome!!! can't wait to hear all about it!!!