Making Way for Baby

We spoiled Baby Bland (and Melina) yet again last weekend with a baby shower in Brookside.

While more ambitious Kansas Citians sweated through half or full marathons, we indulged in macaroons from Natasha's Mulberry & Mott and many other decadent dishes (homemade mac and cheese and apple cake!) all while celebrating the pending arrival of Melina and Matthew's firstborn.

There were many presents for Mama and Baby ...

Including this lovely little gift from the girls and me (Where the Wild Things Are is clearly from Nora!)

All of Melina's family and friends came out for the big celebration, including co-workers from Crossroads ...

Pi Phis from St. Louis and Kansas City ...

And even all the Yiayias from church - aren't they the cutest?

Guests all took home pumpkins, while Melina took home new baby must-haves (swaddling blankets, diapers and adorable, soft, teeny-tiny baby outfits too).

Thanks to Ashley Bland and Elizabeth Glynn for hosting with me.

It was a perfect day to celebrate my new niece or nephew (please, let it be a nephew!!)

- Kara

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