Baby Fever

Oh yes, the Fertility Gods have been working overtime lately; everyone in my life seems to be pregnant right now, including my lovely sister Melina.

This past weekend, we hosted the first of two showers for Melina and Baby and had a wonderful time at a hidden gem outside of our hometown of Nixa, Missouri - Sunshine Valley Farm, known this time of the year for delicious apples ...

 -- and the most amazing cinammon rolls I have ever had the pleasure of devouring!

I hosted the shower, along with Melina's besties Emily and Ashley. The three of them have been best friends since preschool, and Melina is the first to become a Mama!

Of course, the girls were there to help Melina celebrate ... and open presents.

Don't ask about the bright red lipstick. I do what I have to do to survive. End of story.

Our Yiayia also came down for the shower, so we managed to snap a picture of four generations of Sallas/Childers/Cowie/Bland women.

One of Melina's favorite gifts? Her new diaper bag of course! Thank you, Kate Spade, for coming to Kansas City - we love you!

It was a gorgeous day for a gorgeous Mama-to-be. Congratulations Melina - we can't wait to meet Baby Bland!

- Kara

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  1. what a great shower! it looked like perfect weather and a great scene for transitioning to a new season! melina, you look great! and what a gorgeous generation picture! so lucky to have! and i love the red lipstick too :)