If Only ... Veronica Beard

Last night I had the opportunity to meet the two Veronicas behind Veronica Beard, an American sportswear brand that focuses on modernizing iconic pieces that are the cornerstones of a woman's wardrobe.

Besides loving their fall collection, I was absolutely wowed by the designers themselves. Both are named Veronica, and both married brothers, so their names are the same - Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard. Pus, they're gorgeous (read: tall, blonde and thin!) and, between the two of them, they have seven children. Yes, one of the Veronicas (on the left above has five kids ages 2 to 10. Wow.

Halls on the Plaza hosted the meet and greet with the Veronicas, introducing their fall 2012 collection and resort line to Kansas City bloggers and high-end shoppers. A few of my favorites ...

While the prices are too much for me - the first dress above was $895, so after that, I kind of stopped looking - but the clothes are gorgeous, and the Veronicas swear the fit is divine.

Thanks Halls for a great event - and wonderful to meet you Veronicas. What inspirations!

- Kara

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