Happy Halloween! I was up late last night preparing all the goodies for my girls. A few snapshots to get you in the spirit ...

The pinata we'll be bashing with the neighborhood kids ...

Treats for all the girls' classmates at pre-k/preschool today. They say "I need S'MORE friends like you" and include a small Hershey bar, pumpkin peeps and a graham cracker. Thanks for the idea Espy kindergarten teachers!

Another shot of these cute - but time-consuming - little goodie bags!

I'll post pics of the girls in costume later today. Hint: We're on our second year of movie characters. Last year was Annie. This year, Wizard of Oz.

I'm also spending a few hours today getting ready for our evening festivities. We're smoking chili for a few friends, and of course, I need to pick up some pumpkin beer. Between the beer and the mass quantities of strawberry Laffy Taffy I'm sure to consume this candy-coated holiday, my diet is sure to suffer : )

Have a great day and a safe and happy Halloween!

- Kara

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