Ikea - Everything we'd dreamed and more

We had such a great time on our trip to Minneapolis, and, yes, for those of you wondering, we drove 6.5 hours each way and only spent one night just to visit Ikea! And it was totally worth it! Besides the fact that we talked nonstop both ways (never once turning on the radio or taking naps in the car), we scored at Ikea, picking up some great finds, most of which is shown above. In fact, we were worried our loot wouldn't fit in Mom's large SUV. It was packed! I've already put together two of my gray lack side tables (the girls were even able to help, so easy!), and they look perfect in our formal living room on either side of our couch. The jute rug also looks awesome, and at only $99, it was a steal. Overall, our trip was a huge success - and also a perfect opportunity for mother-daughter bonding!


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  1. you are NOT crazy for making the trip for one store!! it was so worth it! wish i could have seen you more but i'll take what i can get! can't wait to see your new scores in your home!! xo