Day 1 of working from home

This morning was weird. It started off fine. Woke at 7:30. Met Kara for our first weekly Monday morning meeting at Latte Land and then came home . . . to work. Today is my very first day working from home. No more offices. No more bosses. Just me, at home, working. Weird.
I've already experienced a few kinks in my plan. 1. My iPad doesn't do nearly as much as I need it to (which may be the reason this post will look funky to you). 2. My "office" is in dire need of supplies/organization.
Here's a picture of what I'm working with. Yes, that's xmas wrap in the corner. Stop judging!

Here's my awesome assistant, who works for free but takes too many naps on the job.

Back to the grind!
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