Welcome to Edit!

We're not exactly sure how you found us, but we're glad you did! Welcome to our little blog, Edit, where we hope to fill these pages with some of the treasures we've found in and around our home — Kansas City.

You can look forward to indulging in the following with us on a daily basis:

- budget frills and thrills. Nothing gives us more of a high than finding a good deal on clothes, accessories or stuff for our homes. Except for maybe our Starbucks addiction.

- all things baby (gender neutral please!). Melina and her husband are pregnant with their first baby and are not (gasp!) finding out the sex. Prepare to be inundated with splashes of orange and aqua as they prepare their nursery and go shopping for baby B.

- Toddlers and tiaras. Forget the show. We have our own daily escapades. Kara's two girls, Evie (4) and Nora (3) are way into princesses and peeing in the backyard.

-Pimento "Pim" the puppy. Our parents made a dire mistake and got a lab mix puppy. We thought they had gotten over their empty nest syndrome, but apparently not. Enjoy hearing our mother rant about all the wonderful things Pim chews or poops on.

We've got quite the reading list started, right? Most importantly, we hope you find this blog to be 100% honest. We promise to hold nothing back as we share the highs and lows of mothering, marriages and marathon shopping.

Melina, Kara and Mea


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