Last Day for Staches

Around my home, the month of November has been all about moustaches. My husband and his work colleagues celebrated Movember this year by growing insane and sometimes creepy-looking moustaches.

If you're wondering what the heck "Movember" is, it's a month-long awareness campaign for men's health issues. On November 1, men shave their faces and spend all of November going through very awkward facial hair stages in the attempt to grow a cool moustache a la Burt Reynolds.

Matthew has past issues growing a beard, (I think it's God way of not letting him cover up his adorable dimples!), so I was a little concerned that his upper lip wouldn't be able to rival the other's in his office. Boy, was I wrong. I think he grew the best one and I'm even letting him keep it for awhile. (We'll see if my hormones get in the way of this nice gesture. I could be screaming at him to shave in the delivery room!)

Check out that awesome moustache cardigan courtesy of 5 # apparel in Springfield.

Today is the last and final day for many wives and girlfriends to have to "admire" the staches. And while we endured 30 long days of pretending we love you no matter what you look like, we'll be glad to have our freshly-shaven men back (some of us).

If you'd like to donate to Matthew's team page, click here.

- Melina


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