Must Shop: Madewell

I have to admit, I've never purchased anything from Madewell ... until now! Last week, good friend Maggie joined me for a blogger's night out at Madewell in Town Center. The goal of the evening was to embellish an item of clothing, which we did, but the real fun of the evening (for me anyways, not a crafter) was chatting it up with fellow bloggers, spending quality time with one of my favorite gal pas and shopping, of course! Here are a few pics from the evening ... and later, I'll reveal my fun (and first-time) Madewell purchase!

The lovely photos above were taken by Denene Brox. And here are a few of mine ...

 Now for my purchase ... a steal at an additional 30% off and perfect for a holiday party or two:

 Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!

- Kara

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