36 Weeks and What Will Baby Bland Wear?

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a nice weekend. This week marks 36 weeks with only four more to go. Part of me can hardly believe it and another (larger) part of me is thinking "It's about FREAKIN time!"

My mother-in-law and my mom were in town this weekend, so we took the opportunity to go shopping for Baby Bland's "going home from the hospital" outfit. Since we don't know if Baby B is a boy or a girl, we had to buy both (darn!) and actually got two boy outfits because we just liked them both so much.

We found the baby girl and one of the baby boy outfits at The Little House. I was excited to go in there because I had never been. They used to be in the Crestwood shops near my house, but have recently moved to Fairway. They're a little pricier than I would normally pay for kid's clothes, but it's a great place for special occasion outfits, such as this one!

Here's our baby girl outfit - isn't it too sweet? I love all the crochet lace trim.

And one of our little boy outfits! The sweater reminded me so much of Matthew. 

And here are a few pieces we ordered online from Janie and Jack. Hippos have always been my favorite animal, so I was excited to find these in the store. We ended up ordering it all online though because my sister-in-law informed me that they often have sales online that aren't in store. What do you know - the entire outfit was on sale on the website and full price in store!

We did good, right? Now we'll just wait and see what outfit gets to go on Baby Bland!

- Melina


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