As a proud aunt of one four-year-old and two three-year-old girls, I consider myself in-the-know on what's popular with toddler girls . . .anything pink or purple and with a princess on it.

And if you've already started your holiday shopping this year, the aisles are more pink than ever. From babies to Barbies, it seems toy manufacturers have given up on girls wanting to use their imagination  for anything more than playing house or dress up.

But one woman is determined to make a difference in what young girls play with. Her name is Debbie Sterling Lewis, the inventor of a new toy called Goldieblox.  An engineer major from Stanford, Debbie quickly realized how few women are in her field. To fix this, she's created Goldie, a young girl who loves to build things. Watch this inspiring and heartfelt video about how Goldieblox came about.


- Melina

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