All I Want for Christmas

Is someone to clean our house!

I'm so excited that we're finally having someone come out tomorrow to "deep clean" our home before the baby comes. If you're familiar with our house, you know we moved in two years ago this coming March. Before we moved in, the house was vacant for a long time and then was a rental. It was very neglected, and while I tried to clean it as much as I could, I know I didn't do a great job. PLUS we were remodeling the kitchen, so we had construction dust and well, you know, I'm sure some of its still hanging around. Yikes!

So, as part of our Christmas present, my mother-in-law is paying for someone to come clean tomorrow. They came out to give us a bid a few weeks ago and said it would take SIX hours! Whatever it takes - I want this house spotless. And of course, I have an ulterior motive. I'm hoping I can convince Matthew to make this whole professional cleaning experience a regular thing. Fingers crossed!

Do you pay someone to clean your home? If not, any advice on how to get it all done with a baby at home?

- Melina


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  1. We absolutely have a maid service. They come every other week, but I wish we could afford for them to come every day. They do an amazing job and then I try to keep things tidy and clean until their next visit.