Nurture: New Traditions

I'm in a hurry this morning (Wednesdays are the craziest for us Cowie girls), but I wanted to share a few pics from our recent holiday outings - and what I hope become new traditions.

First, we took the girls on the Cinderella carriage ride on the Plaza. They loved it! Evie told me: "Mom, this is a dream come true." Seriously, those very words.

Nora wasn't quite so eloquent, but she enjoyed herself all the same. After our carriage ride, we had dinner at Blanc Burgers + Bottles on the Plaza - love that place, especially with the girls in tow.

Then last weekend, we made gingerbread houses with Mom at the community center in Nixa. It was really messy but fun - though the girls may have eaten most of the candy intended for decorations ...

Hope you all have been enjoying the holidays as much as we have - and creating some new traditions of your own! Off to speech for Nora, preschool/pre-k for both girls and then work for me! Have a great day!

- Kara

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