Tuesday Teaser: Perfect Spring Dress

Many of you know we just returned from our second trip to "market," and like before, it was overwhelming and exhausting but so, so fun! I have several pics from the trip and our amazing finds but not nearly enough time these days ... so here's one tantalizing teaser .. Introducing the perfect spring dress!

This off-white scalloped lace beauty is already on its way to Juniper Lane, and we're taking pre-orders - two smalls, two mediums and two larges. Leave a comment or email us at editkc@gmail.com.  Let the shopping begin!

- Kara


  1. I love this! How much is it? What if it doesn't fit? Is there an opportunity to return?

    1. The dress is $48. You're in KC, right? You can come by my house in Overland Park to try it on or I can meet you somewhere. It should arrive by Friday. Let me know! Thanks, Kara