Mommy Mondays: Just the two of us

First, we'd like to apologize for our lack of posts. Poor Kara has been super busy keeping up with all our paying gigs with me on maternity leave, and we haven't had much time for the blog. We're sorry!

Last week was a big accomplishment for Harvey and I. We left the house. Just the two of us. That meant, getting him ready for the cold weather, packing up the diaper bag, loading the stroller, loading the car seat, etc. And doing it all by myself was hard work. I was sweating by the time I got in the driver seat. I'm considering forgoing a coat for the rest of the season because it seems now that I'm a mom, I don't need it.

A few things I observed just getting Harvey loaded up.

1.) It's a two-trip process. I can't physically carry the stroller, diaper bag and car seat (with Harvey in it) by myself. It's all too much.
2.) The car seat is ridiculously heavy. I don't remember that being the case when Evie was born, but I can seriously barely carry that thing more than a few steps without having to stop and take a break and wipe the sweat from my upper lip. Am I just a total weenie?

After all the hard work, we must have had a good reason to get out, right? Well, we did. We met up with two old coworkers. Wendy is a new mom to sweet little Charlie, who is just one week older than Harvey, and Megan is an experienced mom to Emme, who is eight months old. It was so fun to get together and just vent about the struggles and joys of being a first-time mommy. I was so surprised by how many things that I thought were exclusive to only myself and Harvey that the other moms had experienced too. It's nice to not feel alone in all the strange things that I'm dealing with emotionally and physically. It's definitely been a roller coaster for me, and it's nice to know I'm not alone on the ride.

It was Wendy's first trip out with Charlie too, and we were both quick to announce that we hoped our babies didn't get hungry because we were NOT ok yet with nursing in public. We still have a few more hours of practice left before we've gotten the hang of it.

The girls and I got about an hour of gabbing in before the babies started in on their hungry cries, so Wendy and I quickly ran out the door. I had hoped that Harvey could hold out for the 30-minute car ride, but I haven't quite gotten used to hearing his cries, and only lasted the 20 seconds it took me to make an illegal u-turn into a strip mall. I quickly jumped out of the car, into the backseat and nursed him in the Hallmark parking lot. Once I discovered I had another hour or so of shopping out of him, we went straight into the Gap!

Although it's a lot of work getting the baby out, it sure does make the days less monotonous. Do you have any tips for getting yourself and baby out the door in a timely manner? Suggestions for how to make the outing less stressful?

- Melina


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