Mommy Mondays

Harvey Robert Bland (one week old)
I've been on a little hiatus as of late. Most of you know we welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Harvey Robert, to our family, and I've been enjoying and surviving the first few weeks of motherhood. It's been a trip to say the least. We love our sweet boy more than I could have ever imagined but there are so many hard parts about being a mom for the first time.

1.) Post-partum recovery: No one really prepared me for how much pain I'd be in afterwards. From what I've heard from others, I had a pretty difficult delivery, but I had no idea how awful the pain would be when I came home. From everything from the first poop (which is a blog post in itself if you have a strong stomach) to the aching nipples (TMI, I know!). It was so hard to take care of him when I could barely take care of myself.
2.) Nursing: Nursing was awful in the hospital. Harvey only ate twice the entire time we were there, and there was nothing I could do. He had so much trouble latching, and I cried my eyes out when the nurses suggested I bring home formula for him. Of course, I wanted my baby to eat but I felt like such a failure when he wouldn't nurse. Now, I'm happy to say he's nursing like a champ and was past his birth weight at his two week appointment.
3.) Schedules (or lack thereof): These first few weeks have been HARD in part because newborns aren't on any sort of schedule. The only thing I'm ever certain of is that he'll eventually want to eat, poop and sleep. I'm such a planner, so it's been a struggle being so tied down to the house and not being able to plan when I can get things done. I'm also having a hard time just relaxing and sleeping when he sleeps. Who knew it would be so painful to the let the house get out of control. I'm realizing a lot about myself, and I really do need to just let go and enjoy this time cuddling with my baby.

There are probably a hundred other things I could add to the list, but these first came to my sleep-deprived mind.

Mommy Mondays is going to be a weekly blog topic where Kara and I hope to post about things that will be of interest to all the Moms and soon-to-be Moms out there. I've got much more to talk about, but Harvey is wailing for his next feeding.

- Melina



  1. oh melina, god bless you! such changes from your pre-harvey household. absolutely sleep when he sleeps and let the household chores go as much as possible. you have to look after you too!

  2. Definitely give yourself a pat on the back for nursing. It's hard, but can be rewarding. Take NAPS! It's probably my major regret from my maternity leave, not napping, but instead feeling like I should "get stuff done." So very silly. Seriously. And, take pictures of him being held by friends and family when they visit. Later on, it will give you scale to how tiny he was. Because you won't be able to remember just how itty bitty he was. My daughter is 18 months now. I still remember how tough the first months were. 18 months is turning out to be amazing. :)
    Love your ladies' blog. I think these posts are great!