Eye on Jewelry

Here at Edit, we are so ready for spring - and all new clothing, jewelry and handbags we'll be sharing with you all! We're headed to market in just a few weeks, and I'm already shopping online and planning for all of our purchases! My shopping cart is especially full of amazing jewelry ... check it out and let me know your favorites!

Gold and white tassel necklace

Gold and white cuff

Vintage earrings 

Spike necklace

Long link necklace with aqua and red

Long link necklace with pink and orange 

Short link necklace in cobalt 

Gold and pewter tassel necklace 

Gold buckle cuff

Short link necklace in aqua

Can't wait to hear from you - and share much more with you once we're back from market and planning our next shows!



  1. my fav is the long link necklace with aqua and red! :)

  2. I totally love that one too! We had it and sold out immediately! I'll let you know when we get more in!