Mommy Mondays: Kookiedoodle Crafts

Have you heard? Downtown Overland Park has a new gem ... Kookiedoodle Crafts.

This amazing arts and crafts spot, designed for kiddos ages three to 12, is open seven days a week for walk-in art projects, scheduled workshops, birthday parties and more. The girls and I have been a few times and decided to take Daddy with us on Sunday (before his guys-only Super Bowl party that evening).

He looks thrilled : )

The girls decided to make Valentine's Day mail boxes. For $14 each, they were able to paint and bedazzle to their hearts' content. In addition to the popular paper mache mail boxes, kids can choose to decorate treasure chests, jewelry boxes, picture frames ... or even create sand art cards, purses (sewn together by ribbon) and more.

Everything you could ever need is right there - baby wipes for messy hands, scissors, glue sticks, paint of all colors and tons of embellishments, like the feathers you see below. The girls clearly do not agree that less is more ...

Kookiedoodle is owned by a mother and daughter, and both are often working, along with their sweet dogs. I think Mark was more interested in the new puppy than the crafting ...

I also love how the friendly staff are there to step in and help - not just observe - as you struggle with adhering your little ones' stickers or feathers Exactly.The.Way.They.Want.Them.

For these reasons and more, I'll definitely be taking my girls back again for more ... and next time, I plan to revisit one of my favorite spots ... the General Store & Co right next door to Kookiedoodle. I prefer to buy my art and treasures rather than make them : )

Kookiedoodle is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 12 to 5 p.m. Sunday. We hope to see you there!

By the way, if you're wondering ... no it's not summer, and yes, I lost this battle!

- Kara


  1. I love that place. HENRY LOVES THAT PLACE! We have been a few times and I just saw that they released a new calendar of events. Downtown OP is darling.

    1. I know, we love it too. We should meet there sometime! - Kara

  2. Looks like a whole lotta fun for the little ones!