Blessed Baby

We had the honor recently of attending my nephew Harvey's 40 day blessing at our church. Most of you who know us personally know we are Greek Orthodox. While this doesn't always mean that much to me religiously (I'm a bit of a "it doesn't matter what you believe, as long as you believe" gal) ... being Greek is such a special part of our family's heritage, and I love all of the traditions. The two-hour church service, no; the joy on my Yiayia's face when we sit down in the pew next to her, priceless.

So, two weeks ago, we all dressed up for Harvey's 40 day blessing, and I snapped away - much to Father's dismay I'm sure : ) I'll have to find someone else to capture the baptism, as Mark and I have been asked to be the godparents. Yippee! My nephew and my godson - love it!

Here's our blessed baby, Harvey ... love the newsboy cap!

Now he's wide awake as Father shows him the "Kingdom of Heaven" ...

 He even got to go behind the altar, where women aren't allowed ... Yes, we Greeks are a little old school : )

 More wide-eyed Harvey ...

Finally, back to his mama's arms ...

Isn't Melina a super stylish new mama?!

And the happy family of three in front of our family's stained glass window. We say it's ours because everyone in our family has been photographed in front of it, starting with my parents on their wedding day, Mom and I at my baptism, Mark and I on our wedding day, the girls at their baptisms and so on. See how special traditions can be!

The baptism is in one week, so stay tuned for many more photos of our beloved little Harvey!

- Kara


  1. Awesome! Except I think you could have gotten some better pictures if you went behind that wall thing! ;) doh!!!!

    1. Oh my, that was hilarious! And you did get some amazing photos!!! Thank you!

  2. Great looking little family. So sweet.