Kindness at work

Last week I had an 8:30 a.m. dentist appointment, and Harvey, Matthew and I were all going to get up and ready together so I could drop off Harvey at Matthew's work. It was quite the ordeal getting my sleepy boy and Harvey (ha) up and ready that early. I dropped them both off and headed to my appointment in the Crossroads only to be told there was a mix up and my dental hygientist was on vacation. Someone was supposed to have called me but didn't. The office lady apologized profusely and that was that. No big deal for me. It was kind of annoying but shit happens, right?

So, this week I got a call from the hygientist wanting to apologize. She was very sweet on the phone, and I told her not to worry.

Then, I get this in the mail.

I mean is that seriously not the best customer service? It was completely unnecessary, entirely unexpected and they have life-long patients out of me, Matthew and our new little man. Well done, Crossroads Dentistry and Vienna.  Thank you very much! Now, I just need to find a sitter!



  1. I go to Crossroads Dentistry too, and it's so funny you mention this... I was trying to schedule an appointment for my boyfriend a few weeks ago (lacking some important information) and I was AMAZED how sweet the receptionist was about it in today's impatient world. I don't recall if it was Vienna, or if they just having an all around great staff. Good story! :)