Wash. Dry. Repeat

I'm six months in to being a mom, and I'm still trying to figure out how to wash and dry my hair on a regular basis. It's amazing how quickly you adapt to just not caring how you look. The first few months, I totally embraced the "I'm a new mom and I don't give a f***!" But now after six months, I think it's about time I started caring. At least for my poor husbands sake.

So, this morning, I showered, did my hair AND applied makeup. A trifecta that surely deserves some selfies right? So, here I am modeling a few Edit pieces. Who can top that sh**?! (sorry, funny Aziz video reference)

deep coral must-have top $52 (seriously, it's awesome)

cream and deep coral lace cardi $50

cream and tan utility dress $40

NEW lace mini dress $52 and tan cross body $40

And yes, I cursed twice in this brief blog post. I apologize, but it will happen again.

- Melina


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