An End to Our Hiatus

We're sorry we abandoned you, dear blog! We've been busy! Here's why:

In March, we moved into our new office space for Edit Communications.

We also decided to use the space for the occasional "pop up shop" for Edit Boutique. 

This spring, we also started working for several new clients, including The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Evenergy, Voltage Creative and Envelope Spot, and continuing our work for Travois and The Mission Project.

In May, the girls finished up school - Evie graduated from pre-k and Nora from preschool. We celebrated with an end-of-year outing at our favorite local park and lots of hugs for our favorite teachers.

Then we were off to Dallas for market, buying for summer, fall and winter! Harvey was an excellent shopper!

June was our vacation month - we took off for a much-needed family vacation in Seaside, Florida. A dedicated post on that trip is coming soon ...

Now it's July 1, and while we're still busy, we can't keep making excuses. WE MUST BLOG AGAIN!

- Kara

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